Blog · August 21, 2021

Safak’s newsletter launched!

Twitter launches a new ‘Subscribe’ button for creators to directly promote newsletters on their profile. Of course, I have to catch up on that! 😄When Twitter bought Revue, I said “they know the job”. However, I had thought Twitter couldn’t integrate Revue enough into its platform until today. And now it works. I can now include a link to directly subscribe to my Twitter profile. That makes it easier for my followers to sign up for my newsletter. You can too. Let’s check it out!

Anyway. In this newsletter, I will share content that I read, watch and listen to on topics that interest me. I focus on the new media and its techs. Mostly, we’ll be getting about the topics of media literacy, information disorder, digital security, and surveillance capitalism.You can contact me on my twitter account. There are subscribe button below. Let’s fire! 🔥