9-15 August 2016 – Belgrade – Serbia

This is the Youth Exchange focusing on how the First World War changed the World, while participating in a Life changing experience developing work-focused skills through informal learning techniques including: Theatre; Art; Digital; Literacy; Photography; & Social Media to act as a platform for young people to have a Voice. EGAR Youth Exchange Through a multi-lateral Youth Exchange, focusing on 5 countries which were the destinations of 5 significant aspects of World War I: Gallipoli; Arab Revolt; Europe and Eastern Battlefields, young people will learn about the World War I through a unique experience during its’ centenary between 2014 to 2018. Young People will develop new skills, designed to improve their opportunities to move into employment or self-employment, as well as mobilizing digital and art-based skills to promote an outlet of self-expression. EGAR will also connect young people from different backgrounds, to learn about their different cultures and shared history through World War I and most importantly how this War influenced and affected their own countries from 1918 to the present day. With Youth Exchanges taking place in: UK; Israel; Serbia; Macedonia; and Turkey,

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