About Me

Mehmet Şafak Sarı
Communication Specialist, Researcher, Journalist

I am interested in New Media and New Communication Technologies. I offer services to many public, private and non-governmental organizations in this area. I produce content and services through various visualization tools such as Web Design, Graphic Design, Data and Infographic.

I am a senior communication specialist, content producer and designer in Istanbul-based- Sosyal Kafa Digital Communication Agency.

I am a journalist in Journo. Journo.com.tr is a bipartisan media organization aiming at enhancing the quality of journalism practices in Turkey and advocating the freedom of speech to open spaces for unemployed or freelancer journalists who are looking for mediascapes to publish their works.

I’m the co-founder of Tahayyul.Net online journal. www.tahayyul.net

I work in various international human rights and youth projects. (see)

I give social media and digital communication trainings to various institutions.

I am writing articles on national newspapers on human rights and cyber security on the Internet

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